Announcing the 7th edition of the Guylian Seahorses of the World Photography and Video Competition

Hippocampus spinosissimus. Photo by Luc Eeckhaut. Grand Prize winner of the 2016 Guylian Seahorses of the World photo competition.

Are you a diver and a marine life enthusiast? Do you enjoy taking photos? If so, the Guylian Seahorses of the World photo competition is for you! Now in its seventh edition, this biennial competition gathers the best photographs and videos of seahorses from underwater photographers and divers around the world. Together with NELOS and Project Seahorse, Guylian’s aim for this competition is to raise awareness about seahorses, their habitats and the threats they face.

Going on a diving trip? Don’t forget your camera!

To take part in this competition, simply fill in the entry form online at and send in up to five of your best photos or one video to Entries can be uploaded until 28th October 2018 and will be displayed on the website from 2nd July 2018.

Win fantastic prizes with your photograph or video

Entrants have the chance to win across two categories: grand prizes and public prizes, with an array of exceptional prizes on offer thanks to NELOS, Hugyfot, Green Force, Guylian and Project Seahorse.

The Grand Prizes recognize the three best seahorse photos and the best seahorse video with prizes from Hugyfot (a Vision Hero Arius 1500 lightening kit, a lightening set containing two video lamps and a GFI diver light), vouchers for diving equipment and a selection of Guylian Chocolates. The photos and videos will be judged by an international panel, chaired by Prof. Amanda Vincent, Director of Project Seahorse, alongside members of NELOS and Project Seahorse professionals. Entries are judged on scientific value, artistic value, seahorse species, creativity and uniqueness of location and habitat.

The Public Prizes are based on the number of likes the entries receive on the website gallery. A shortlist of the 20 most liked pictures will be handed over to the jury who will pick the top five. Winners will be awarded a Guylian Chocolates package.

What is Project Seahorse?

Project Seahorse is an interdisciplinary and international marine conservation organization, based at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and the Zoological Society of London in the United Kingdom. It is committed to the conservation and sustainable use of coastal marine ecosystems in general, and seahorses in particular. Seahorses inhabit coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses, lagoons and estuaries which are vulnerable to destructive fishing, pollution, dredging and more. Many seahorse populations are overfished and are traded for aquarium display or for traditional medicines and curiosities. Project Seahorse seeks and implements solutions to many marine conservation problems that affect seahorses and their habitats. Saving seahorses means saving the seas.

iSeahorse app & website – saving seahorses together

iSeahorse – Project Seahorse’s citizen science tool for seahorse science and conservation – is your opportunity to contribute to our understanding of seahorses and help protect them from overfishing and other threats. Project Seahorse is calling on anyone, anywhere in the world, who sees a seahorse in the wild to upload their photos and observations to iSeahorse using the website or app.

Competition participants who upload their photo to can also win a book about seahorses – Seahorses: a life-sized guide.

About Guylian

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Guylian’s Sponsorship

Guylian, whose brand icon is the seahorse, has been Project Seahorse’s loyal partner and main sponsor since 1999. In total, Guylian has provided € 1.7 million in support of its programs. Besides this financial contribution Guylian spreads the word about seahorses and marine conservation on the millions of chocolate boxes sold worldwide every year, on their website and through their social media. Every time you buy a box of Guylian Chocolates you are supporting Project Seahorse!


Nelos, the Flemish League for underwater research and sport, supports Project Seahorse by collaborating in the organization of the Guylian Seahorses of the World Competition. They publish Hippocampus, a diving magazine, where they promote this competition.

More competition details

This competition is open for entries as of July 2nd till October 28th. The online gallery will be live at the beginning of July. The festival and awarding of prizes will take place on November 17th, 2018 in Beringen, Belgium. Find more info at or

For more information contact: